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For architecture with High Environment Value, using nature as a means of achieving this.
Over the past few years the idea of sustainable development has become a permanent part of our thoughts, and now it has to become reality through new approaches to architectural conception and construction.
Taking into account these environmental stakes both reinforces and completes the approach which VIZZION Architects has been pursuing for almost thirty years: constructing, with respect for the environment, contemporary buildings which integrate into their city and its history.
Its approach responds to two objectives:
To provide users with access to buildings which are respectful of nature and to respond to investors' concerns regarding the durability of their assets.

The approach of VIZZION Architects is not merely qualitative, therefore. It also forms part of a carefully thought out economic process.

It is based around three fundamental axes:
1) Integration into the environment
A sustainable product is only viable if it is well integrated into the city, in the widest sense: historical aesthetic and social integration, with a conception that respects the mixture of functions within the city.

2) The materials
The architects of VIZZION Architects are very conscious of their responsibility as selectors of materials and energy systems.
The projects pay special attention to the choice of construction materials throughout their whole life-cycle, from manufacture to potential recycling.
Our choices favour materials which require the least amount of "grey" energy during:
- their extraction
- their transport
- their transformation
- their packaging and storage
- their elimination and recycling.

3) The preservation of natural resources
It is no longer a case of simply saving energy, but of putting technical concepts to work which guarantee its efficient use and a consequential reduction of consumption and emissions into the environment.
Our energy approach is based on the approach known as "TRIAS ENERGETICA".
- minimising the demand for operational energy
- optimising the use of renewable energy
- having recourse to low energy use techniques.

The management of water is also taken into consideration and treated according to its nature (drinking water, rain water, waste water) and according to its planned use, in order to save this resource and reduce potential pollution.

Today, VIZZION Architects is proud to be numbered among those Belgian players who are pushing the development of the necessary tools for exercising the profession of constructors in the widest sense, in a new and more responsible manner.

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Green Square
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Trois Mats
Les Trois Mâts
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La Belle Chanson
Domaine du Parc Bofferdange