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Vizzion Europe, organisational, multi-functional and financial structure, vertically integrates all of the participants involved in the realisation of the architectural projects designed by Vizzion Architects. Each stage of the operation is therefore controlled with rationality and coherence.
This unique structure optimises control over the real estate development and the creation of added value from the research phase of an operation to the final sale of the constructed assets.
The vertical nature of this structure not only offers better control over costs, but it also gives the financial partners the opportunity of participating in the whole value creation process for a real estate development.
This ensures optimal standards of quality, of architecture and of durability to the end user, whether he is a private or professional person.
Vizzion Europe enables the notion of mixed functions which give the whole of its meaning to a city, to be developed still further.
Shops, offices, residential, serviced residences, retirement homes, all of these are grouped around public spaces and around collective equipment. All these functions cohabit and thus put man, all generations together, back into the heart of the city.

Vizzion Europe is therefore the indispensable tool which provides VIZZION Architects with all the potential it needs to give full vent to its inspiration and to be one of the driving forces behind the redeployment of European cities by imbuing them with a new philosophy: quality of life and the art of living together.
Atelier d'Art Urbain