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For almost 30 years, inspired by the vision of Sefik Birkiye, the architects of VIZZION Architects have developed a personal style, a sign of a new art of living in the city.
Founded in 1979, VIZZION Architects, formerly known as the Atelier d'Art Urbain, very soon imposed itself as a prestigious architectural bureau by undertaking large scale projects in over ten countries.

With more than eight million square metres already constructed and in progress, VIZZION Architects can be proud of its profound level of knowledge in the mixed nature of construction and renovation projects, and can boast of both the confidence of its clients and the esteem of the profession.

VIZZION Architects has won many prizes, including two Mipim Awards:
Firstly in 1998, in the "Residential Buildings" category, with "Le Jardin des Fonderies", the largest re-conversion of an industrial site into residential accommodation in the Brussels region.
And then in 2000, in the "Business Centres" category, with "Green Island" which, located in a new business district along the canal which crosses Brussels, forms part of 150,000 m2 of new construction, also designed by VIZZION Architects, and which brings together revitalisation and a forward-looking vision.
In 2006, the hotel complex "Monte Carlo Bay Hotel & Resort" was nominated for the Mipim Awards.
jardin des fonderies
Mipim Award 1998
Residential developments
"Le Jardin des Fonderies"
green island
Mipim Award 2000
Business centres
"Green Island"
monte carlo bay resort
Nominated for the
Mipim Awards 2006

Hotels & Tourism Resorts
"Monte Carlo Bay Hotel & Resort"